On 14 Jun 2001 04:56:18 +0800, Seshadri G.K. wrote:
> I have just been looking about to see is there any
> stable/mature typesettign system where we can borrow
> the algorithm. I have just started looking at TeX
> and groff. Do u think its a good place to start?

TeX is a good place to gain an understanding of how layout works,
particularly since the entire TeX source is published in book form with
comments from DEK.

Another Layout engine is the Mozilla Gecko. It is a screen layout engine
rather than a print layout engine.  However it's support for CSS1 can be
studied and knowledge gained applied to FOP.

> I would like to see what has been done in these systems
> to do intelligent page layout.

I don't know how relevent the layout engine in WYSIWYG systems are to
FOP.  AbiWord, StarOffice, KOffice are all open source/free software.

> Since the layout is what needs changing most, I suggest that
> bug-fixes for those portions of fop which will not need
> major tweaking of layout related code, can continued to be
> fixed. Problems like row-span, floating objects could
> be postponed for the revamped fop.

I like this approach.

> I would be starting to do the reachitecturing of fop-layout,
> and anything positive that might come out shall be discussed
> and committed with FOP.

That would be great.

Weiqi Gao

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