On Friday 15 June 2001 00:28, Arved Sandstrom wrote:

> It would be useful to pin down precisely who wishes to work on what...
I won't have time to help coding but will do my best to help with 
architecture and code reviews.

> Hoping for feedback.

I feel it becomes harder to follow the discussions in the 
single mailing list, between FOP usage questions, redesign issues, 
improvements to the existing code.

IMHO one or all of the following would help collaboration:
-separate mailing lists for design, usage and bugfix issues (or at least 
subject line markers like [DESIGN] [FOP2] to allow mail filters to sort the 

-posting version-numbered and line-numbered working drafts of the design docs 
on the web site

-using www.quicktopic.com for discussions on specific issues and/or document 
reviews (with links to the relevant topic pages on the fop web site).

my 2 swiss francs ;-)

 -- Bertrand Delacrétaz, www.codeconsult.ch
 -- web technologies consultant - OO, Java, XML, C++

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