At 04:21 PM 6/16/01 +0300, Eugene Nedzvetsky wrote:
>Hello Arved,
>    What about "Out of memory" error in FOP-0.19 Release?
>Best regards,
> Eugene                            mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]

Hi, Eugene

Can you elaborate? :-) Because I did not observe anything of the kind.

Bear in mind that there are 2 things you can do:

1) increase your JVM memory allocation (how to do this is in the API docs 
for the JDK tools);

2) use the file buffering supplied by Seshadri GK and now part of FOP; use 
your typical command-line, and add a "-buf buffer_file" switch. That is,

java -cp $CLASSPATH -buf mybuffer.buf -fo fofile -pdf pdffile

or something similar.

Please let us know the circumstances that led to the Out of Memory, and your 
machine parameters.

Arved Sandstrom

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