Hi Weiqi,

A few weeks ago, you asked some questions about cell borders. You'll
probably notice now that using border-collapse="collapse" works better,
thanks to Ivan Demakov's recently contributed fix.

However you made another observation which I finally got around to
checking out:
You wrote, speaking of table borders being centered on the table grid
line (in the collapse style):

> This doesn't seem to match my observation with the latest CVS.  If I
> take away the margins on simple-page-master, and increase the
> border-width on the border-cell to 1in, then in the resulting PDF, no
> top or left borders are observable.  Shouldn't I be able to observe the
> 0.5in of the top and left border on the inside of the grid lines?

I did this (with the new CVS). With xpdf I saw the top and right borders
but no left or bottom borders. But in the pdf file the lines are being
drawn. When I use gv or Acrobat Reader, it looks as you (and I :-)
expect it too, with the borders being clipped by the page boundary. I
guess it's a bug in xpdf. Is that what you were using to look at your
pdf file?

Just curious,

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