While debugging a strange problem from John Wyman recently, I discovered
an inconsistency in how we decide whether a block area has room for
another line of text. It works differently on the first line in the
block from the remaining lines.

This isn't necessarily stupid, at least for some line-stacking-strategy
However, for the fairly simple one FOP is currently implementing, it can
lead to some strange results.

I also noticed that the way we are calculating half-leading in BlockArea
isn't correct according to the CR. The result is that our actual
line-spacing tends to be less than what the stylesheet uses as a
line-height value. This is because the "glyph height" of a font
(ascender + descender) is typically less than the actual font-size

The "fix" is trivial, but it will change all existing test results,
because the line-spacing will increase! Because of that, I haven't yet
committed it.


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