On 22 Jun 2001 11:37:27 +0100, Alex McLintock wrote:
> My suggestion for this is that if you are editing a file and you
> see formating which needs doing you might like to do the
> formatting - submit a version into CVS, and then carry on with your
> changes - or Vice Versa.
> It is much easier for everyone if formatting changes appear in their
> own delta in cvs and not mixed up with serious code changes.

Or even better, designate a day for reformatting.  You have a tool,
right?  Announce in advance that, for example, July 1, 2001, will be
'format the source tree day'.  Have everybody commit their changes
before that day.  Run the tool on all *.java sources, commit that, and
be done with it.

Weiqi Gao

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