On 04 Jul 2001 10:06:35 +0200, pascal Baptiste wrote:
> I'd like to have a piece of help on an problem I have encountered
> with tables in Fop 0.17.
> In fact I have a xsl stylesheet which contains xsl/fo instructions
> in order to generate pdf from an xml tree. In this stylesheet, I
> have a table and I want to have each row's bottom border visible
> in dashed style. So I use the attribute border-bottom-style of the
> fo:table-row  element with the value "dashed".  And it doesn't
> work.  In fact it seems to be interpreted by the Driver as if it
> had the value "solid" in state of  "dashed".  I have also tried
> with Fop 0.19 and borders are invisible, so it's worse.

FOP doesn't do dashed borders.  Since 0.19.0, you can't draw borders on
table-rows by specifying border properties on the table-row alone.  You
have to draw borders on individual cells, by specifying the border
properties on the table-cell elements.

I had lot of problems with tables with borders in FOP 0.19.0.  The only
thing that worked reliably for me is to specify the
border-collapse="separate" property on the table, and use borders only
on the table or table-cells, and never on table-rows or table-columns.
Fortunately the effects I wanted are all achievable this way (through
some wacky calculation in the stylesheets).

Weiqi Gao

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