> Subject: Re: Keep-together (and the other keep-*'s)
> It's not against spec in my book either, but it's currently not
> implemented in FOP, for table-row or for anything else.
> The problem with all that keep-* stuff is that it's not that easy to do.
> Actually, I was kind of mulling it over for table-rows, but so far, I
> haven't gotten around to it.
> Karen

And on a carefuly re-reading of the Spec I see what caused my confusion. In
6.7.9 the keep-together attribute is noted as applying to fo:table-row,
whereas in 7.18.3 (where I was looking when I wrote my inital email),
fo:table-row is missing from the list of objects the keep-together attribute
applies to.


And as to difficult to do.

I bet. But very useful.

I might just have to make some home programming time and dive in.

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