Arved --
Thanks for the reply.

> Could it be a line-ending issue? This has bitten us a few times, depending 
> on what machine a committer was on when they committed UNIX shell scripts, 
> and if they weren't careful. I did it a time or two myself, committing the 
> shell scripts with DOS line endings. appears to be in proper *nix format.

> Failing that, what happens when you set the environment variables by hand, 
> and then execute the final command by itself, not through the script...still 
> no joy?
No joy.

> Can you run your current Ant on other build files?

I don't use Ant for anything else.

> What version of Ant are you using? Try Ant 1.3 if all else fails.

I just installed the 1.3-2 RPMs for Ant from,
but it seems to me from that a private version of ant.jar is



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