I have finished my work and can put some time into Fop again. I 
will concentrate on updating the documentation (the status file 
indicates that nobody is working on this at the moment). 

To do: 

1) update the history file

2) update "running Fop" to include new switches etc. 

3) update the direction how to use cvs to use cvs.apache.org

4) description of the new test suite

5) there has been some discussion on Apache's general list to 
switch from stylebook to docbook or something else. afaik there 
has been a lot of voting for docbook but nobody has a working 
solution to replace stylebook. We should monitor this discussion 
and change as soon as possible.

Please point me to anything else which needs to be changed as 
soon as possible.

Some questions: 

1) What is the status of the redesign process? 

2) Do we have a fop-user list now? 

3) What is the status of the improvements of memory usage?


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