On Sun, 22 Jul 2001 12:45:51 Fotis Jannidis wrote:
> 4) description of the new test suite

There is some stuff there so far but more information (and from a different
perspective) is always welcome.

> Please point me to anything else which needs to be changed as 
> soon as possible.

There is the todo list that I posted a few days ago (and have added to
since) but it is not urgent. It also needs some comments about what it all

> Some questions: 
> 1) What is the status of the redesign process? 

>From my point of view you can look at it this way.
The redesign of the layout is required to properly handle how all elements
are layed out into the area tree.
This means two things:
- we need to be able to read all the elements properly (including
properties) to be able to properly use the information
- we need a proper area tree to put the areas into. ie. contains the right
logic and has viewports

So until we have these things we can't code the layout properly anyway.

> 2) Do we have a fop-user list now? 

The xml mailing list page also needs updating. At:

> 3) What is the status of the improvements of memory usage?

I think the incorporation of memory improvements should be done once all
renderers are working with the changes (or time is allowed for it to

Welcome back.

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