Fotis Jannidis wrote:
> Hi,
> I have finished my work and can put some time into Fop again. I
> will concentrate on updating the documentation (the status file
> indicates that nobody is working on this at the moment).

Ja, du wirst hier dringend gebraucht ;-)

> To do:


> Please point me to anything else which needs to be changed as
> soon as possible.

- Code conventions
As Jeremias already mentioned some days ago, the code conventions should be
added to the website (under 'Getting involved' ?)

- JDK issue
There seems to be more or less consensus that FOP will require JDK1.2,
if this is the case it should be noted on the website.
Or should we first vote on this?

- News section
What about a section on the website which list important changes (with date)
like releases, significant code changes/additions or other important events
so that a user can see at a glance whats going on with FOP

> Fotis


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