Isn't logging going to be a standard part of JDK 1.4? I thought that was 
going to be based on IBM's Log4J. Is Avalon's logging based on that? If 
not, should the 'standard' be considered? IIRC JDK 1.4 logging includes 
the ability to log to syslog (on unix) and whatever the logging 
mechanism is on Windows.

Just curious.


Keiron Liddle wrote:

>Hi all,
>I've had a quick look at logging and I think it shouldn't be too hard to do
>using the logkit from avalon. It handles threading and a bunch of other
>So do others agree that this would be the way to go.
>I have one question that hopefully someone knows answer (or knows who to
>Since FOP is can be run in a number of ways (command line, in servlet
>(cocoon), embedded), how can the logging be setup so that the fop logger
>will become a child of the container (logkit) logger?
>That is, the logging will inherit the details from the container (priority,
>filters, formatters and targets).
>This will most likely be done from the caller side, where fop simply gets
>the logger for "fop" and does not need to know about anything else, so that
>it works exactly the same way no matter how it is run.
>Ideally this will be in place for the release after the next (imminent)
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