On Thu, 02 Aug 2001 17:45:56 Carlos Villegas wrote:
> I think it's possible to do in FOP what was done in Velocity. They have
> a middleware that decouples Velocity from the specific logging toolkit.
> So they have drivers for logkit and log4j and you can even write your
> own one. This is a better choice when embedding FOP since you'd want to
> use whatever logging system you've already have in place. I think it's
> worth taking a look at the Velocity log package, we might be able to
> reuse it.

That would work, but I have a few problems with it.
- We would need to copy their code (and hence create two diverging
versions) because it has dependancies
- It adds an extra 3 layers to every log call, also has extra logic
- a logging system should do all of the targetting things itself (instead
of having an interface with multiple targets to an interface with multiple
targets that writes the logging)
- I want to avoid having extra code that only adds complexity

I think we have a fundamental problem of choice (which the projects
themselves should work out).

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