Well, I am trying to make my first contribution to
FOP. By working on bug 2988 which I submitted.  I
willingly accept any and all help.

I tried forcing the status return from
ListItemLabel.layout to keep-with-next in an attempt
to force other code to handle keeping the
list-item-label and list-item-body together. That
didn't work, but keep-with-next is broken anyways, so
that is probably not  unexpected.  My thought right
now is to change 
the end of ListItemLabel.layout to:

if(status == Status.OK) {
   status = new Status(Status.KEEP_WITH_NEXT);
return status;

At least temporally, until I figure how to get FOP to
obey the keep_with_next when there is an
external-graphics as the first element in the

Anything wrong with that?  Any pointers in the right

Don Wellington

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