Total agreement to everything Keiron just said.

However, that's not to say that we can't work up something that meets your 
needs for 'keep-together' on fo:list-item. It's usually possible to take 
care of a specific; as Keiron says it's the general case (making keeps work 
everywhere that they are supposed to) that is rather more of an obstacle. I 
have some ideas in regard to how you might want to tackle the problem you 
describe and will elaborate this evening.

Arved Sandstrom

At 09:38 AM 8/7/01 +0200, Keiron Liddle wrote:
>Your help is very welcome.
>Unfortunately the the solution to the problem is not that easy. This is one
>area that fop does not handle very well and we are in search of a solution.
>The problem of keeps (and space resolution etc.) is one that spans across
>the fo heirarchy in a number of directions. This makes it difficult to
>handle without a rehash of how the layout is organised.
>An effort is underway in this direction but there seems to be a fair amount
>of resistance to change (from fop).
>Hope this doesn't put you off.
>On Tue, 07 Aug 2001 03:21:14 Don Wellington wrote:
>> Hi-
>> Well, I am trying to make my first contribution to
>> FOP. By working on bug 2988 which I submitted.  I
>> willingly accept any and all help.
>> I tried forcing the status return from
>> ListItemLabel.layout to keep-with-next in an attempt
>> to force other code to handle keeping the
>> list-item-label and list-item-body together. That
>> didn't work, but keep-with-next is broken anyways, so
>> that is probably not  unexpected.  My thought right
>> now is to change 
>> the end of ListItemLabel.layout to:
>> if(status == Status.OK) {
>>    status = new Status(Status.KEEP_WITH_NEXT);
>> }
>> return status;
>> At least temporally, until I figure how to get FOP to
>> obey the keep_with_next when there is an
>> external-graphics as the first element in the
>> list-item-body. 
>> Anything wrong with that?  Any pointers in the right
>> direction?
>> Don Wellington
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