Your help is very welcome.

Unfortunately the the solution to the problem is not that easy. This is one
area that fop does not handle very well and we are in search of a solution.

The problem of keeps (and space resolution etc.) is one that spans across
the fo heirarchy in a number of directions. This makes it difficult to
handle without a rehash of how the layout is organised.

An effort is underway in this direction but there seems to be a fair amount
of resistance to change (from fop).

Hope this doesn't put you off.

On Tue, 07 Aug 2001 03:21:14 Don Wellington wrote:
> Hi-
> Well, I am trying to make my first contribution to
> FOP. By working on bug 2988 which I submitted.  I
> willingly accept any and all help.
> I tried forcing the status return from
> ListItemLabel.layout to keep-with-next in an attempt
> to force other code to handle keeping the
> list-item-label and list-item-body together. That
> didn't work, but keep-with-next is broken anyways, so
> that is probably not  unexpected.  My thought right
> now is to change 
> the end of ListItemLabel.layout to:
> if(status == Status.OK) {
>    status = new Status(Status.KEEP_WITH_NEXT);
> }
> return status;
> At least temporally, until I figure how to get FOP to
> obey the keep_with_next when there is an
> external-graphics as the first element in the
> list-item-body. 
> Anything wrong with that?  Any pointers in the right
> direction?
> Don Wellington

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