Sam Ruby wrote:
> It appears that some fop interfaces are changing in a way that
> will impact cocoon2... is there work underway to keep these
> projects in synch?
> In particular, is there another backwards compatible set of
> interfaces that cocoon2 should be using during the transistion?

This is probably introduced by Mark's patch.  I have reported this in my
report when I tested the patch before the commit (See the thread "FOP in a
servlet under load").  Mark mentioned it in his web site for the patch too.

The documentation ("Embedding") should probably be updated by the committers
to reflect the change.

I don't think a backwards compatible interface is needed.  Not for something
with a version number of 0.19.0, and been characterized as pre-beta,
not-production-ready and incomplete.  (If that doesn't buy the project the
rights to change the public interface at will, we might as well call it
version 1.0).

Weiqi Gao

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