> FOP underwent some major refactoring to massively reduce memory usage, and
> it might not be possible to make a workable deprecated API for backwards
> compatibility. (Mark?) We don't break API compatibility lightly, and don't
> expect to have to do so again in the foreseeable future. Sorry for not
> posting to Cocoon-dev earlier what was up.

I remember wishing that I didn't have to make the API changes because,
well, public API changes are bad, ok? But in the end it was necessary
because the old API implicitly assumes that the FO tree building is
separate from the formatting/rendering, which is no longer the case.

I can't imagine how one would write a compatability layer.

(As an aside I will be away on holidays from Sunday - thankfully out of
the reach of my laptop (unless someone posts it to a small island in
thailand ;). So if anyone has questions/comments/abuse then you'll have
to wait till I get back. :-)


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