On Tue, 14 Aug 2001 05:27:26 Weiqi Gao wrote:
> I have not used the testing framework.  I tried "./build.sh test" once
> and it threw me some error message.  It would be benefitial if the
> testing frame work can be made to work in a way similar to the "make;
> make check" sequence for GNU projects.  That way more people would run
> the test.

All you need to do to get it working is follow the suggestion in the error
message, ie. put a reference jar in "test/reference/". It also must be the
right version.
If this is too much then the only other option is to put that into cvs.

> If feasible, solicit donations to the test case .fo files directory from
> other applications, authors of XML books, the W3C recommendation
> authors, and FOP users in general.  The idea is to build a formidable
> set of real world examples of .fo files, and .xml/.xslt files so as to
> 1) test FOP, and 2) show case FOP's capabilities.  Wouldn't it be nice
> if after building and testing FOP from a source download, the user gets
> a subset of the W3C XSL 1.0 Recommendation (or a section of the DocBook
> Definitive Guide, or Chapter 17 of the XML Bible) in PDF format ready to
> be viewed, searched, and printed.

It is quite simple to test fop with all the w3c testing examples. THere are
a LOT of tests there, but again it requires some effort on the users side
(this cannot be put into cvs). I suppose if people read the website they
might find out about it :).
The only problem is that fop has some serious errors with some of the

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