On Tue, 14 Aug 2001 00:08:50 Arved Sandstrom wrote:
> Hi, all
> I invite everyone to submit ideas as to how we can improve the release 
> process: versioning, builds and testing. It seems like almost everytime a
> 0.X.0 release comes out, there is almost instantaneously a showstopper
> bug 
> that necessitates a 0.X.1 release, as happened this time.

Indeed, I think we need to realise that this project is vast and testing
covers quite a number of different things:
- each renderer (usually only done by from use, difficult to do)
- interaction with external data (fonts, images, svg)
- interaction with other projects/api (xerces, xalan, cocoon, batik etc.)
Gump helps alot here (Thanks Sam)
- reading in xml data (generally handled but has occasional problems)
- layout fo objects

So if we keep the interaction between these then it should make the task
easier (changing one thing doesn't break others)
I think it is too difficult to test all of this at this stage BUT we can
try to improve areas like font embedding, external images.

> I am sure there is other stuff also. My goal here is to develop a formal 
> process document that describes exactly what I do, so that anyone with
> commit 
> privileges can easily duplicate the complete release process.

I noticed that batik has a release type document "MAINTAIN" which has info
about releasing and website updating.

Another point is of course the website. It is difficult to update, not to
mention that stylebook has bugs, and it should be easy to do.

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