At 10:42 AM 8/14/01 +0200, Michel Lehon wrote:
>> From: Weiqi Gao [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
>> On 13 Aug 2001 22:08:50 +0000, Arved Sandstrom wrote:
>> > ...I suggest that we mandate a code freeze starting N days
>> > before the release. At the start of the freeze I build a pre-release
>> > distro, and it will be labelled as a pre-release (PR suffix maybe?)
>> > During those N days (2 days, 3 days?) everyone will have an 
>> > opportunity to test the release, and find those bad bugs that
>> > somehow never showed up before.
>> That sounds like a very good idea.  And I have seen other Apache
>> projects doing it.  (Except that they are not calling it "PR".  This is
>> another instance where Apache management should probably dictate all sub
>> projects to use a uniform name for the pre-releases.)
>How about beta releases ? like they do for Tomcat, Cocoon, ...
>The beta cycle would be nice for bug fixes, user feedback, and integration
>with other projects.

I don't want to call these things "betas" or "alphas", since they aren't. 
The purpose isn't really different, though, so I'm not religious over it. 
Open-source has fuzzied the meanings up anyway.

The pre-release period is meant to be quite short. Weiqi points out that we 
should RERO (Release Early, Release Often); he's quite right. We've tried to 
release at least once a month, and maybe even every 2 weeks, without much 
success to date. But if we were releasing once a month I wouldn't want to 
see more than 3 or 4 days allocated to a pre-release code freeze, myself.

>> If feasible, solicit donations to the test case .fo files directory from
>> other applications, authors of XML books, the W3C recommendation
>> authors, and FOP users in general.  The idea is to build a formidable
>> set of real world examples of .fo files, and .xml/.xslt files so as to
>> 1) test FOP, and 2) show case FOP's capabilities.  Wouldn't it be nice
>> if after building and testing FOP from a source download, the user gets
>> a subset of the W3C XSL 1.0 Recommendation (or a section of the DocBook
>> Definitive Guide, or Chapter 17 of the XML Bible) in PDF format ready to
>> be viewed, searched, and printed.
>That would really be great.

Well, we have a whole whack of JBoss documentation to play with...that's a 
project begging for a volunteer. We could also independently showcase the 
use of DocBook, for example.

Finally, all of our own docs should be amenable to FOP processing.

>and last, how about a zip file for windows users (I know winzip can handle 
>.tar.gz), I would be easier and would not put off normal windows users.

I simply do not understand this point. How is a ZIP file easier?

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