Firstly, ... am I in the right place for queries of this nature ?  (I've
tried fop-dev-help & fop-dev-info already !)

I'm completely new to FOP and just getting to grips with the examples
provided, so I'm probably going to sound really dumb.

I've been running through the samples provided in the FOP directories and
I've noticed that, in the example "border.fo", there seem to be a few
*       the measurements do not seem to add up either horizontally or
*       in the section which defines the address/Sold To/Ship To etc., once
I've established where I think the "zero" edge is, the "left" or "top" edges
of the block definitions just don't seem to measure up !
*       in the table definitions, the 4 column widths add up to 19cm but
physically they only print about 17.9cm ! 
*       the text in some of the columns (of the table) seem to "creep" over
to the left even though "end" alignment is specified;
I've used the white-space-collapse="false" option to see if that makes any
difference - but that doesn't help;
It seems to be affected by the length of the text in an earlier column
(Description); padding the shorter descriptions with spaces "seems" to help
a bit, but not totally;  and using the monospace font doesn't seem to have
made any difference either.

So, am I doing something incredibly stupid or this a "feature" that I have
to work around ?


Steve McCardle

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