I just thought that I would mention that I had problems with Acrobat not
printing PDFs in the size that I expected, until I discovered (and turned
off) the fit to page option.


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Which renderer are you using
i.e., in your command line are you using
-awt, -pdf, -print ?

I just ran a quick test on 0.20.1 on a test case
that renders several 6 inch-wide tables on a
single page. In cases, the source is xml,
transformed via xslt within fop.

The results (apologies to all you metric folks)

bot fop -awt (and pressing using the print button)
and fop -print both yield a page with all the tables
exactly 6 inches wide.

running -pdf and printing the resulting pdf file
via Acrobat 4.0, the tables are all 5 5/8 inches.
These results pretty much agree w/ Steve's results.

These results on WinNT.

(I regret to say we noticed this a month ago, but since
it didn't affect our needs, we didn't report it.  tsk tsk)

At 02:26 PM 8/21/01 +0100, you wrote:
>Firstly, ... am I in the right place for queries of this nature ?  (I've
>tried fop-dev-help & fop-dev-info already !)
>I'm completely new to FOP and just getting to grips with the examples
>provided, so I'm probably going to sound really dumb.
>I've been running through the samples provided in the FOP directories and
>I've noticed that, in the example "border.fo", there seem to be a few
>*       the measurements do not seem to add up either horizontally or
>*       in the section which defines the address/Sold To/Ship To etc., once
>I've established where I think the "zero" edge is, the "left" or "top"
>of the block definitions just don't seem to measure up !
>*       in the table definitions, the 4 column widths add up to 19cm but
>physically they only print about 17.9cm !
>*       the text in some of the columns (of the table) seem to "creep" over
>to the left even though "end" alignment is specified;
>I've used the white-space-collapse="false" option to see if that makes any
>difference - but that doesn't help;
>It seems to be affected by the length of the text in an earlier column
>(Description); padding the shorter descriptions with spaces "seems" to help
>a bit, but not totally;  and using the monospace font doesn't seem to have
>made any difference either.
>So, am I doing something incredibly stupid or this a "feature" that I have
>to work around ?
>Steve McCardle
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