Thank you for you help, now it works.
But i note that I got it only running in VAJ if  I import the sources 
from "build"  directory not from the "src" directory,
and it seems that I need to run "ant" in advance of  the import.
The result is, that I actually do not debug (and possibly  change) the 
"real" source but the ant-generated source code.

Is this the way one should go or is there a other/better way to do it?


Martin Roob wrote:

> have to deselect the hook on the NullPointerException on the tab
>"Exceptions" in the VA Debugger.
>Otherwise, VA will stop in the debugger on every NPE, even if the NPE is
>handled later (which is the case in StringPool.ensureCapacity). Otherwise
>you have to press the resume button for about 1000 times.
>In my opinion it is no good style to generate NPEs and handle them instead
>of avoiding them, but that's how it is here.
>This makes it somewhat difficult to debug "real" NPEs.
>----- Original Message ---- -
>Sent: Monday, August 20, 2001 6:09 PM
>Subject: fop and VAJ 3.5.3 
>>does anyone know what to do to make FOP run in Visual Age for Java 3.5.3?
>>I tried to import:
>>1. all java and resource files from Fop's src directory
>>2. import xerces-1.2.3.jar, xalan-2.0.0.jar, batic.jar, jimi-1.0.jar
>>But I still get a NullPointerExeption while generating a new sax parser
>>instace in org.apache.fop.configuration.ConfigurationReader.createParser()
>>the actual exception  occures in StringPool.ensureCapacity(). See also
>> the screenshot.
>>On the other hand: I could also use Forte3.0 instead of VAJ 3.5.3.
>>Using Forte, would  it be easier to get FOP run in the Debugger: (I
>>would like to debug the FOP sourcecode)?
>>Bodo Teichmann

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