does anyone know what to do to make FOP run in Visual Age for Java 3.5.3?
I tried to import:  
1. all java and resource files from Fop's src directory
2. import xerces-1.2.3.jar, xalan-2.0.0.jar, batic.jar, jimi-1.0.jar

But I still get a NullPointerExeption while generating a new sax parser 
instace in org.apache.fop.configuration.ConfigurationReader.createParser()
the actual exception  occures in StringPool.ensureCapacity(). See also 
 the screenshot.

On the other hand: I could also use Forte3.0 instead of VAJ 3.5.3.
Using Forte, would  it be easier to get FOP run in the Debugger: (I 
would like to debug the FOP sourcecode)?

Bodo Teichmann


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