You could first check that the font really did get embedded in the PDF.
Open the PDF (I use acrobat reader) and do File/Document
Is the font you expect really embedded (look in the ActualFont column).

If it did not, check that fop has access to the font file - you may??
need to use forward-slash file naming.
(My embedding experience is on Solaris). There may be an error recorded
in the fop log that it could not embedd the font...

good luck

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Subject: Embedding fonts

I have successfully created new XML font metrics files using the
PFMReader utility in FOP 0.20.1.  I run FOP specifying the new fonts in
my userconfig file as follows

<!-- Syntax-Roman -->
<font metrics-file="..\jar\Fop-0.20.1\fonts\syntax_roman.xml"
kerning="yes" embed-file="C:\WINNT\Fonts\Sxr_____.pfm">
  <font-triplet name="Syntax-Roman" style="normal" weight="normal"/>

The resulting PDF correctly displays the new fonts on my computer, but
the PDF displays garbled fonts on a colleague's computer.  I assume this
is because I have the fonts installed and my colleague doesn't.  

Is there some other way to embed the new fonts into the PDF so that it
is properly displayed regardless of whether or not the font is installed


Drew Hodge

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