>From: "Keiron Liddle" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> ....
> Documents will eventually be placed in docs/design to add to the current
> information.
> Any questions/comments are welcome and particularly contributions.
i would like to help in further development of fop.
currently i'm still in the learning stage and because of that i would realy
like to read the lastest doc from you in docs/design.
unfortunately i don't know much about docbook and the information given in
the docs/design/Readme is not sufficient for me to generate the pdfs.

> The Readme:
> To convert to pdf:
>- place the docbook files in a directory name "docbook"

which are the docbook files. and what should be the parent directory of
"docbook" , should i create this directory in the docbook or in the fop
package or do i need to create a new directory hirachy for the conversion ?

>- place docbookx package in a directory name "docbookx"

what exactly is the docbookx package? is it the zip file found in
called "docbkx412.zip" ?

>the files are avaialable here:

what files do i need from this site ? just the .zip ?

do i need anything from  http://sourceforge.net/projects/docbook ?

>- run the build script
im working on w2k so i need to translate the sh script to .bat. what is
"jboss"  and how do i need to set $JBOSS_HOME ?


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