Hi Bodo,

Maybe it's Windows or maybe it's your Xslt task. The fact that the
parser can't find a URI for your document sounds familiar. I mad a
change in Xslt a couple of weeks ago which I think might fix this.
Assuming you are updating from CVS, please make sure you update the
sources and then rebuild the buildtools.jar.

using the command "build -buildfile buildtools.xml" in your xml-fop

Hope that helps you.
-Karen Lease

Bodo Teichmann wrote:
> Keiron,
> now i got the pdf but still have the following problems:
> 1. the relative uri in fop.xml do not work. i get the following error from
> the SAX parser:
> >Task xslt - SAX ERROR:
>  >     org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: Relative URI "design/intro.xml"; kann
> nicht

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