Hi all
I have a Fo file created from XML and XSL and Im
trying to view it in IE. And I either see binary
content on the same page or the page gets blank. The
same thing works perfectly in NEtscape. These are my
search results from this archive and from the net
1) If the page size is less than 8k, it shows a blank
page in IE. Tried padding the pages with blanks and
dummy content, no use

2) IE doesnt recognize mime types. I changed the name
of the target file to be something.pdf and post all
the data to that file. No use

3) Updated my browser to SP1.(IE 5.5 SP1), nothing..

Is there anything that i have missed?? Does this
problem have a solution!!!

BTW i use Netscape 4.7(works fine) and IE 5.5 SP1 on


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