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>Is there a way to monitor the fop-dev exchanges without receiving loads of
>I'm thinking of some form of newsgroup subscription where I can scan the
>fop-dev list, and contribute, separate from my mail account(?)

I think what you aim for is a news-group. And actually - a news-group
has some advantages.

I can recommend Forte Agent 1.8 (what I'm using). Although it's most a
news-reader (and only by the way a mail-software) it has all the
functions (what I think) you need:

An incoming "daily digest"-mail is automatically splitted into its
discretes mails and threaded by subject (option "enable threading
by subject" must be enabled).

You can specify filters and rules to get and delete the particular
mail-list mails from your mail-server and leave all other mails on the
server (Although I had no experience myself with this options.
Likewise I don't know whether this option works in the Version "Forte
Free Agent" that is free for personal use.) http://www.forteinc.com/

- Michael Symonds

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