That works like a charm! Thanks a lot, Eric.

In my preliminary tests, Eric's patch moved a pdf with 6 heavily compressed
jpgs from over 950 K to just over 50K! Rendering times seem just about as
fast, but, more importantly, web users will receive the file that much
faster. Very cool stuff.

I noticed only a few small problems: First, the renderer does not recognize
jpg headers generated by Macintosh Photoshop (it throws a "bad jpg header"
message). Simply resaving the files in Windows Photoshop solved this. Also,
there are a few System.out.printlns that probably won't be needed in final
release, but may be good for testing.

What can we do to get this in the next release? I'll help out where I can,
as the patch really moves the functionality of FOP forward.

Thanks again, Eric.


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From: Eric Dalquist [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Sent: Friday, September 14, 2001 5:59 PM
Subject: [PATCH] JPG Compression

Attached is the diff for the patch. This is going against the latest release
build. When reading the diff "G:\Fop-0.20.1\Fop-0.20.1-clean" is the
untouched distribution "G:\Fop-0.20.1\Fop-0.20.1-dev" is the modified
distribution. It should work y just copying over the attached files and then
deleting src/org/apache/image/ since it will not be in use.
If I need to follow this up in any way I'll try my best to help. I hope one
of the commiters can look at this and deem it worthy to patch FOP.

-Eric B Dalquist

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