I have committed the patch since it looks to be working ok and there seems
to be a general consensus that it is a good thing.

Of course if possible it would be good for people to supply some test


On Mon, 17 Sep 2001 19:47:40 Eric Dalquist wrote:
> Jim,
> I found the bug. I imagine this isn't the last time something like this
> will
> come up. JPEGs use a fairly simple header setup to store pertinent
> information in the image. The JPEG standard says the image width, height
> and
> color depth should be stored in the FFC0 header the jpeg you have stored
> the
> info in a FFC2 header which I had not heard of. It seems there are many
> flavors of jpeg so little fixes like this may be happening for a while.
> Attached is a new which will fix the problem. If you're
> interested the change was made on line 81.
> -Eric Dalquist

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