I have also used FOP quite a bit on an iSeries AS/400. Ideally you should be on V4R5 
or V5R1 with the latest group and cum. On earlier groups, I experienced problems 
loading some classes. I have been using the .19 version distributed with Cocoon2.

David Morris

>>> [EMAIL PROTECTED] 09/22/01 03:43 AM >>>
> Stephen Fry wrote:
> Hi
> We are attempting to port our application which uses fop 0.20.1 to the AS400.
> We seems to have some issues with FOP's use of AWT classes. Has anyone any
> experience of this environment ? Is it possible to configure FOP not to use
> AWT or is it fundemental ?
> We have bmp files as external-graphic's, and we are rendering to PDF,PS and
> PCL.

I've successfully run FOP on a AS/400 with PDF, PS and PCL output but without
images. I *think* BMP images should work as they don't need AWT.

> Stephen Fry
> CODA Plc


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