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Thanks to all who have responded to my initial question.

We have now, with the help of IBM managed to render to PCL OK. However all attempts to render to PDF and PS fail due to problems with the RAWT. We are using V4R5 and JDK 1.3. Is anyone using this combination ? Is there any way to stop it thinking it needs a Remote Terminal ?


Stephen Fry

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I have also used FOP quite a bit on an iSeries AS/400. Ideally you should be on V4R5 or V5R1 with the latest group and cum. On earlier groups, I experienced problems loading some classes. I have been using the .19 version distributed with Cocoon2.

David Morris

>>> [EMAIL PROTECTED] 09/22/01 03:43 AM >>>
> Stephen Fry wrote:
> Hi
> We are attempting to port our application which uses fop 0.20.1 to the AS400.
> We seems to have some issues with FOP's use of AWT classes. Has anyone any
> experience of this environment ? Is it possible to configure FOP not to use
> AWT or is it fundemental ?
> We have bmp files as external-graphic's, and we are rendering to PDF,PS and
> PCL.

I've successfully run FOP on a AS/400 with PDF, PS and PCL output but without
images. I *think* BMP images should work as they don't need AWT.

> Stephen Fry
> CODA Plc


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