On 2001.10.19 23:48 Karen Lease wrote:
> Hi Keiron,
> I've been a bit submerged this week and didn't respond to your and
> Arved's posts when they went by.
> I think tables now have enough functionality to satisfy most users. But
> thinking about how to do the "auto" layout got me back into pondering
> about inline area layout.
> Where and how are you planning to start on your changes? Is there some
> way I can collaborate by working on inline stuff or is that what you are
> working on? (which would be logical I suppose).
> Regards,
> Karen

Hi Karen,

How about I commit the stuff soon. As suggested by Arved, create a branch
for current code maintainence and do everything in the main branch.
All I have really done so far is to create a set of area tree classes (in
package org.apache.fop.area) and changed the renderers to use the new
classes. The renderers are currently almost empty of code, I wanted to
start from the top.
The rest of fop is left as is. It will still create the old area tree but
of course the renderers are not connected so you will get no output.
The new area tree attempts to be what the spec says with the minimal amount
of information and classes (I would still like to make it smaller though).

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