At 12:08 PM 10/12/01 +0200, Keiron Liddle wrote:
>Hi All,
>So far I have only got a basic view of the area tree. I think the best way
>to deal with changes from this direction is to build the area tree and then
>change the renderers to handle the new area tree. This includes things like
>This will take some time it seems, then we need to look at making the
>layout engine create the areas.
>This may be done in a branch?
>There are some things that I'm still not sure how to handle or what is the
>best way.
>eg. inline level properties, background images for inline areas (groups),
>placement of table and list child areas in terms of area model.

I figure we (interpret that loosely...I need to get back into code before I 
feel comfortable with "we") just do it on the main branch. After all, this 
is make or break...the future of a healthy, invigorated FOP depends on 
making these changes. If it happens that things are all over the place in 
CVS for the next few months, well, why not? That would be an accurate 
representation of the status of work.

If we have to apply any bug-fixes to the last stable release (right now, for 
sake of argument) then I suggest that we branch at that time, making the 
_branch_ the source against which bug-fixes will be applied, and doing any 
interim releases off the branch. After all, with enough of a rewrite I 
expect the majority of such bug fixes not to be applicable to the future code.


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