At 08:37 AM 10/24/01 -0500, Jim Urban wrote:
>Here is another thing I need to do.  I have a single document which contains
>reports for multiple locations.  I need to reset the page number on a
>location change.  IE:  Report contains 3 locations.  The first location gets
>3 pages, the second 2 pages and the third 4 pages.  Currently FOP is
>generating Page 1 of 9, Page 2 of 9 etc.  I need to generate Page 1 of 3,
>Page 2 of 3, Page 3 of 3, Page 1 of 2,  Page 2 of 2, Page 1 of 4 etc.  How
>do I go this?

Page numbers are associated with fo:page-sequence. So the reports for each 
location will have to be in separate page-sequences...just reset the 
"initial-page-number" to the desired starting integer value (1 in this case).

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