Hi Matthias,

did you specify a DPI for the JPGs or TIFFs?? If yes, that might be your 
problem! FOP doesn't consider any of this information!

For example: 
 If you insert a JPG with 1 cm x 1 cm at 300 DPI, it will become 
 4,16 cm x 4,16 cm because FOP uses 72 DPI!


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Betreff: RE: FOP v.0.20.1/Cocoon v.2 rc.2 + Graphics

Hi Christian,

thanks for the quick response. Your answer seems partially correct, since a
bigger graphics was displayed and a smaller one wasn't. However, generally
docs should satisfy the requirement that graphics are no bigger than the
space in fo for displaying them.

Any clue to what concerns the tif's?


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