I have been looking into the background-image property (xsl 7.6.3) of a
block, but it isn't implemented in FOP 0.18.  If you are on a later
version, you can try it out.

"Scott Moore" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> on 10/11/2001 09:05:08 AM

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Subject:  Large graphics

Hi all,

I'm creating a cover page that contains a large graphic.  Portions of the
graphic are transparent (it's a PNG) and I'm trying to place the report
title in some of the transparent region.  But it always gets truncated by
the graphic image, whether transparent or not.

Is there a way to write on top of an image?  Specifically, here's the
layout of my cover page:

-GGGGTTTT         -
-GGGG Title here  -
-GGGGTTTT         -
-GGGGTTTT         -
-GGGGGGGG         -
-GGGGGGGG         -
-GGGGGGGG         -
-GGGGTTTT         -
-GGGGTTTT         -
-GGGGTTTT         -
-GGGGTTTT         -

The G is the image and the T is the transparent part.  As you can see, part
of the title is in the transparent part.

My only solution so far has been to split the graphic vertically in half
and then try to align the two parts.  It almost works, but careful
examination shows the matchup isn't perfect.  It's definitely not
production quality.

Any help would be appreciated!


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