On Monday 17 December 2001 09:07, Matthias Fischer wrote:
> What are _your_ plans with regard to the material offered by W3C/Carmelo?
As mentioned by Keiron (see http://xml.apache.org/fop/testing.html), the 
current FOP tests are based on automatically comparing the ouput 
of two FOP revisions.

This is needed to make sure new releases don't break existing features, but 
IMHO doesn't make it easy for end users to find out exactly how FOP 
interprets specific features.

Again, I think what would help end-users a lot (and also have good tutorial 
value) would be small self-describing XSL-FO documents where one can check 
the results by reading the PDF, along with an "official" list of which 
samples work and which don't.

Nice and well, but I don't think anyone on the FOP team currently has time to 
fully set this up (but I'd be happy to be proven wrong!). 

There are quite a lot of FOP samples already 
(http://xml.apache.org/fop/examples.html), some more useful than others, so 
maybe it's just a case of sorting through the samples, classifying them and 
making them easily accessible, ideally using a live Internet-accessible FOP 

In the meantime, I'd encourage users that find a bug or problem to send to 
this list the smallest possible XSL-FO document that demonstrates the 
problem. We could start collecting these in the hope of setting up a 
user-friendly demo/test suite when someone finds time to do it.

- Bertrand

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