On Thursday 13 December 2001 15:35, Matthias Fischer wrote:
> . . .
> My whish to Santa Clause this year: A big fat list containing all major
> graphic formats and the FO/FOP-related aspects that concern them. 
> . . .

I'm skeptical: to me "big fat list" means "big maintenance work" and usually 
"out-of-sync list".

I'd rather have many small, focused, self-documented, numbered XSL-FO example 
files that show what works and what doesn't in FOP (note that I haven't 
looked at our test files for a while - maybe it's there already?).  

Maybe a live FOP system where users can post a ZIP containing XSL:FO + 
graphics files and get back the PDF?
(got to tell Santa Claus about this one ;-)

Such examples could be donated by users after they find that a particular 
feature works or not, with a standard mail header ([TESTDOC] ?) that would 
help committers sort out these files.

Any thoughts?

 -- Bertrand Delacrétaz, www.codeconsult.ch
 -- web technologies consultant - OO, Java, XML, C++

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