Patrick Andries wrote:
> Why do I see a bullet instead of a euro sign (EUR), when I simply
> "compile" the file found in the Fop-0.20-2 distribution
> (./docs/examples/fo)?
> I am on Windows NT 2000 Professional, all my standard fonts have thus
> a euro sign (me thinks).

You are using the wrong OS and fonts. :-( On Win2k the Euro sign is
mapped to character code 128 (0x80). But according to the ANSI / ISO
8559 standard this character is a non-printable control character. The
standards compliant solution is to use an ISO 8559-15 font (similar with
8559-1 with the single exception that the general currency symbol at
character code 164 (0x164) is now replaced by the Euro symbol). This way
is also compliant with the Unicode standard. Sadly, Microsoft again uses
a proprietary approach. :-[

Sorry, I don't know how to actually solve your problem. Try using an ISO
8559-15 font and use character code 164 instead of 128 and see if this
solves your problem. Maybe just switsching to character code 164 will...

Best regards,
Martin Stricker
Registered Linux user #210635:

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