Tore Engvig wrote:
Why do I see a bullet instead of a euro sign (EUR), when I simply
"compile" the file found in the Fop-0.20-2 distribution

I am on Windows NT 2000 Professional, all my standard fonts have thus a
euro sign (me thinks).

If you use embedded fonts, this should not be a problem (unicode value is
looked up in cmap),
If the font is embedded it should indeed work, but technically I'm not sure the cmap (which is a TTF or an OT table) is looked up for PS fonts.

If I remember correctly, a patch was submitted that added the euro sign to
the standard fonts. It exists in the cvs version (in the fop-0.20.2-maintain
Yes I believe I saw this, it dealt with the definition of the entity reference €  

The problem was related to an old Acrobat reader (3.0) being set as default. I changed my default reader to a newer version (4.0) and it worked.


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