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In fop 0.20.x unicode characters with value greater 256 not represented in
the font are substituted with the character '#'. With the patch [1] all
characters not represented in the font are substituted. This makes a problem
in LineArea.getCharWidth. Because the line feed character has no glyph the
width of the line feed is computed to the width of the '#' character and is
unequal to the space character. This is the reason for the second problem
described in [2].

Attached is a simple patch for fop 0.20.3RC to solve the problem. The patch
from Peter [1](together with the two updates) can now entered in cvs in the
maintenance branch.

The patch [1](together with the first update in [2]) should be entered in
cvs in the main branch. The design is easier to understand and the patch
solves some design problems [3]. The attached patch (second update) is not
necessary for the main branch in the moment. I think it is better to wait
until the patch is in cvs and then to change the interface of the font
subsystem. If a character is not contained in a font, the font subsystem
should generate an exception. The area tree builder can then decide to
substitute the character or to print a warning message.

Rainer Garus

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