Our application is a servlet based web application.  We have adopted the MVC
approach.  We found Cacoon over kill, so we implmented our own frame work.
Our frame work requires all business components produce XML.  We then use
XSL:HTML to format HTML output for the browser.  It was only a natural next
step to use XSL:FO to generate PDF since we already had XML being generated.
One of the real blessings of this approach is our clients can customize the
look and feel of the application by changing the XSL files without our ever
opening a Java source file.

It was a BIG investment and learning curve up front to take this approach,
but now that we are past that phase, the return on the investment has
enabled us to justify the up front expense.  Looking back, I think it was a
vary sound decission.  We are in a position where adding WAP (WML) and a B2b
SOAP interface are a natural extension of our framework, not a rewrite.

Thank yous go to not only FOP, but Xalan and Xerces for all the XML and XSL

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> At 08:58 PM 1/29/02 -0500, you wrote:
> >I would like to know why FOP enthousiast (I am one) are using FO rather
> >than products such as Crystal Reports or other such software (anyone
> >Jetfoms ?). Just for the fun of playing with new technology ?

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