On 2002.02.13 10:42 Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> It is on the requirements list even if it's not explicitly stated. Right,
> Keiron? Even if it's not on the official one, it's on mine. FOP is in a
> redesign right now, so it would make sense to help out there to fix
> multi-threading issues. You're invited to contribute. We're in the same
> boat and that's why we've planned to contribute some time to FOP during
> next few months (most probably starting by the end of March).

Of course it is considered a requirement. You may (or may not) have 
noticed that a number of threading issues have already been dealt with.

As far as I am aware the remaining problems are with the configuration and 
image loading. (Batik has some problems but that is for them to solve)

Since these issues can be solved by anyone without knowledge of xsl:fo or 
layout these issues are best left to people without core knowledge.
So if anyone wants to contribute this is an area you can get into fairly 

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