Hmm, why not? What would your default entry in the system config be (or
better: where does it look for the userconfig by default)?

> Yes you can, if you allow the command line configuration to take 
> precedence.  The system config file then contains your default user 
> config, which defaults to null (as it does at the moment.)  It's very 
> handy for testing.  My test environment goes in the user config,  and
> java org.apache.fop.apps.Fop
> runs it all.  Note that the loadUserConfig funtionality checks for the 
> user config file first in user space, then in system space, which would 
> by default pick up the null distributed user config example if the user 
> does nothing.  And it that's too dangerous, comment out the definition 
> of the user config file in the system config.

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