Hi Peter


> >Now, I think you're really start mixing things. I strongly recommend to
> >separate configuration (as the filename says) and processing
> >instructions. What you want to do means creating a new userconfig.xml
> >for each call to FOP. This is much easier using the command line (and
> >faster).
> >
> >Any other opinions?
> >
> No, it doesn't mean creating a new userconfig file for each invocation; 
> that's what the command line is for.  It's a convenience for special 
> requirements for, e.g., developers.  Command line trumps userconfig.  Is 
> it nice?  No.  Is it useful?  Yes.  In any case, it seems that in Java 
> environments, the command line may not be the best way to pass such 
> things around.  What do you do on a Mac?

You'll have to create a GUI or use OS X. :-) Well, that leads me to the
question: What are you actually trying to do? We're talking about
solutions here, but not what you need them for (I think).

> >>The language file (see attached) is just a validation mechanism for 
> >>certain attribute/property values.  It (currently) requires the 
> >>org.apache.fop.configuration.LanguageFileReader class which reads the 
> >>xml-lang.xml file and builds three HashMaps, which are installed in 
> >>Configuration.
> >>
> >
> >I don't get you here. What do you need the language validation for?
> >
> For completeness.  I can specify country, language and script, and these 
> may be acted upon in respect of hyphenation.  Two situations may arise. 
>  1) That particular language/country/script may have no support in this 
> version of FOP.  2) There is no such language/country/script.  When I'm 
> parsing one of these attributes, I like to be able to detect the second 
> situation at the point of parsing.

I'm lost. Sorry, but I really can't follow you.

Jeremias Märki


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