Jeremias Maerki wrote:

>Hi Peter

>You'll have to create a GUI or use OS X. :-) Well, that leads me to the
>question: What are you actually trying to do? We're talking about
>solutions here, but not what you need them for (I think).
There's a very useful discussion going on about logging, Avalon, etc, 
which covers this territory in more general terms.  Anything that 
rationalises and makes consistent and readily understandable the 
invovation and setup of FOP will be a very good thing.  I'm just talking 
about the very limited aim of unifying and making more useful the 
existing maintenance branch options/configuration code.


>>>I don't get you here. What do you need the language validation for?
>>For completeness.  I can specify country, language and script, and these 
>>may be acted upon in respect of hyphenation.  Two situations may arise. 
>> 1) That particular language/country/script may have no support in this 
>>version of FOP.  2) There is no such language/country/script.  When I'm 
>>parsing one of these attributes, I like to be able to detect the second 
>>situation at the point of parsing.
>I'm lost. Sorry, but I really can't follow you.
My fault.  In the middle of this discussion about options processing, I 
came across the references to the language file in the config file, so I 
dragged them in, kicking and screaming.  "I can specify country.language 
and script..." should read, "The user can specify country, language and 
script..." as properties in the FO file that I'm processing.  See 7.9.2 
"language", 7.9.1 "country", and 7.9.3 "script" in the Recommendation. 
When I was looking at the parsing of such properties, I wanted to be 
able to validate the element attributes immediately after they were 
parsed by the expression parser.  I either had to hard-code the lists, 
or provide for a way of updating them outside the code, so I went for a 
configuration file, pointed to by the the general config file.


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